Azurer ExpressRoute Alliances Gain Two New Partners

As Azure continues to be one of Microsoft’s most concentrated and expanding enterprise products, the need to get global partners on board has been very important to the company. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that BT and Verizon jointed the Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute ecosystem.

These global partners join the current US partners of AT&T, Equinix, and Level 3 in the United States. By gaining BT and Verizon, the companies can bring enterprise customers to Azure while giving them multiple options to connect to Windows Azure on their terms as well.

Microsoft Announces Partnership With BT With Windows Azure Deal

BT Initiatives

The BT announcement with Windows Azure shows the continued partnership between Microsoft and BT. Customers will be able to use the BT IP Connect Virtual Private Network service to extend their networks into the Azure ecosystem. The Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute service will join up with this and make it easier for companies.

This partnership with BT will first be available in Europe, and is looking to expand into the Asia-Pacific in coming months according to the announcement. A blog from BT explains the partnership in full details, and Microsoft’s International Branch also covered it in an extensive post on their site as well.

Microsoft Announces Azure Partnership With Verizon

Verizon To The Cloud

Another strategic alliance was formed with Verizon Enterprise Solutions on Wednesday. Verizon launched their Secure Cloud Interconnect Service, which will allow enterprises to use Verizon’s Private IP service to connect to multiple cloud services, including Microsoft Azure and others. The 15 different Equinix data centers around the globe will be currently available to enterprises, and half a dozen others will be launched later this year. This global cloud service will make sure businesses stay connected.

This move is huge as Verizon works with a number of global enterprise giants, and giving them a secure and seamless way to connect to the cloud is very important. A Private IP service will make sure that the connection stays secure, the data is maintained in a VPN environment, and the data stays within the Windows Azure system. The product will make sure private connectivity, performance, simplicity, and efficiency is maintained in the cloud as well.

Published: Thursday, April 10th, 2014 Last Modified: April 10, 2014

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