Azure Updates Make April An Azure Month Of Joy

IT professionals and executives that use Azure for their enterprise workplaces, love it when Microsoft launches updates to its service. On Tuesday, Microsoft updated Azure with a number of updates, that range from web sites, VMs, Mobile Services, and a lot more.

With its updates for Azure, Microsoft continues to evolve the Azure platform for enterprise users. The number of April updates is one of the highest number of updates issued to the Azure platform, and the significant enhancements should please many IT administrators as well.

Microsoft Makes Virtual Machines Easier To Rollout On Windows Azure

Web Sites, Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks

Now, Azure web sites with include SSL at no additional charge, within the standard tiers. Users will be able to use 5 SNI based SSL certificates and 1 IP based SSL certificate with each standard tier web hosting plan at no additional charge, a big shift for many. It makes it much easier to secure web sites in this fashion.

Web sites will now have an Azure Traffic Manager built in, and will help IT users utilize DNS features in their sites. Traffic manager will improve application availability and help keep sites alive. Web sites also get support for Wildcard DNS, and cheaper pricing from Azure. New virtual machines can also be launched within the Virtual Studio Server Explorer, to make virtual machine launching much easier.

Microsoft Introduces Tons Of Virtual Studio Updates For Windows Azure

Networking Updates To Azure

Azure rolled out the Dynamic Routing Gateway as well for route based VPNs to connect to individual computers in a virtual network in Azure. It has a 99.9% SLA, and is promised to always be up. VPN’s use Windows Azure on a number of different platforms, and this should make using VPN’s a lot more secure as well.

Users can also create backend mobile services using .NET and ASP .NET web API framework in Virtual Studio. Users can debug remotely, publish mobile services project to Azure, and run assorted debugging tools within Azure. Offline support for mobile services and support for Azure Active Directory Sign On has also been rolled out. Kindle Support and Visual Studio Integration will help broaden Azure’s user base as well.

Microsoft continues to evolve Azure and these changes show that. It is a ton of updates, and Microsoft makes Azure a huge hit for enterprise users.

Published: Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 Last Modified: April 16, 2014

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