Azure Updates Itself With Azure Service Fabric Service

Azure is quickly getting updates faster than we can write about it, and when major enterprise IT departments use it, it means Microsoft is listening. On Monday, Microsoft announced a new Azure service, focused on getting Azure services and the cloud together for enterprise users.

As Azure is used by a majority of corporate users now, Azure Service Fabric is the newest and next product from Microsoft Azure. It’s allows for companies to build on the cloud, but to build out for scalability and growth. This is a game-changer with larger companies looking for the cloud for their needs.

Microsoft Azure Announces Azure Service Fabric For Enterprise Developers

What is Azure Service Fabric?

The Azure Service Fabric is a service that exists in the cloud of Microsoft Azure, and something that is meant for companies looking to build in the cloud for growth. By enabling developers and ISV’s to build cloud services using it. is can give enterprise customers critical support they need.

The Azure Service Fabric has been in a building stage for five years, and powers a number of services of Microsoft already. It has already been tested to do more than 500 million evaluations per second, and it understands the enterprises needs quickly. It’s a enterprise need but available for all.

Microsoft Showcases Microsoft Azure Service Fabric During Upcoming BING Show

Benefits of Azure Service Fabric

Microsoft went into a number of benefits of this service on its blog post. It can creative stateless and stateful microservices, provide orchestration and automation for those microservices, solve hard distributed systems problems, and includes Visual Studio support for developers to try out and build upon.

Microsoft is looking to release the developer preview of this during its upcoming BUILD show, and it will initially target Windows users. They are looking to support Linux and other services in the future. It’s a truly exciting product for the enterprise, and its one that will please developers in large IT departments.

Azure Service Fabric is a niche product but a valuable one. It will be released soon, and one that developers will try out as well.

Published: Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 Last Modified: April 21, 2015

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