Azure Suffers Downtime During Manic Monday

Generally speaking, Microsoft’s Azure services in the cloud have been a very reliable set of features and products for users around the globe. But on Monday, the company suffered from a rare outage, which ran across a wide number of Azure features which caused problems for many.

The major issues for the Azure services started around 2pm eastern time in the US, and ran across the globe. The features affected a number of Azure and cloud related products from Microsoft, and pointed to the cloud and its possible problems. But, was resolved rather quickly.

msft-azureoutage1Microsoft Displays Azure Outage Details During Monday Problems

What Happened?

At around 11am PST or 2:00pm EST, a number of Azure features with Microsoft’s Azure virtual machines, web sites, and other cloud services started to suffer from down time. Microsoft on its Azure status page announced the outage, which affected several US regions and across the US, which was a major problem.

This major downtime later than spread to more US regions where Azure is hosted, and services like Backup, Service Bus, and Service Recovery started to get affected. Later in the day, the services like Azure HDInsight, Azure Mobile Services, and others started to feel the effect of the downage. By 7pm PST, the services all came back online for the company.

Microsoft's Azure Suffers From US Outage On Monday In US

What Does This Mean For Azure?

While this is only one downtime for Azure in the US, it follows a couple days of downtime for Microsoft in the past few days. Microsoft CRM Online had issues on August 15 for more than 14 hours, and then Azure in Japan was hit with a downtime on August 15th. These lead to the current outage throughout the US.

What this shows is that Azure and the Cloud is prone to outages, no matter where they are in the world. It does show the potential down time of the cloud, but also shows that Microsoft is looking to recover from any downtime for the cloud. It does pose some issues for companies looking to migrate their entire businesses to the cloud, and possibly serves a backup local plan for them too.

This was a big outage for Azure. Microsoft needs to make good on this outage, and get people confident in it again.

Published: Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 Last Modified: August 19, 2014

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