Azure SQL Database Service Tiers Rolled Out

Connected services on Azure are being requested by business and enterprise customers of Microsoft live never before, and Microsoft has addressed it before. But on Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled service tiers for Azure SQL Database, which is part of its database-as-a-service product.

With its Azure SQL Database service on Azure, Microsoft allows small and large enterprise customers to launch and hold large amounts of data on its Azure infrastructure. Now, Microsoft is lowering prices, introducing a performance level, and offering a 99.99% SLA Availability.

Microsoft Announces Pricing Cuts To Azure SQL Database Service

New Azure SQL Database Service Tiers

Starting in September, Azure will be rolling out three different service tiers for its upcoming SQL database service. Microsoft is first cutting prices up to 50 percent on its premium and standard price plans, and offering a new S0 performance level for low cost users. Additionally a hourly billing plan will be available.

With its lower prices, Microsoft Azure is eagerly going after enterprise customers who host their database products on Amazon and other cloud services. A new low cost entry point will get new companies in, and a higher premium tier service will ensure the largest of databases can be stored on Azure.

Microsoft Displays Three Levels Of Service Tiers For Azure SQL Database Services

New SLA and Pricing Details

One of the biggest complaints when Microsoft launched its Azure SQL Service was the lack of a availability SLA. Large companies demand that of services, and high availability is critical and crucial to databases. Microsoft announced on Tuesday a 99.99 enhanced availability SLA, which means it should never go down.

Three different pricing tiers and updated pricing tiers were also announced. From a Basic tier with a 2 GB limit, to a Standard Tier allowing 250 GB of database files, to a Premium tier with a 500 GB limit. Disaster recover locations vary from local to region specific, with database throughout units and performance levels varying depending on the tier. They will be available in September 2014, and go into affect for all customers in November 2014. It should mean that enterprise customers have a number of new options when database shopping in the cloud with Azure.

Azure SQL Service is perfect for enterprise customers. Now, they have three tiers of pricing, which should satisfy most enterprise customers.

Published: Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 Last Modified: August 27, 2014

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