Azure RemoteApp Available On Windows RT

Being a system administrator means that being able to manage a number of servers or computers is something that must be able to be done from anywhere. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the Azure RemoteApp for Windows RT, which will allow Surface RT units to be in control.

The RemoteApp service allows for system administrators to connect to devices via the cloud and now via Microsoft Azure. With the new Windows RT support, this means that Surface RT tablets will be able to connect to the Azure server structure, which make managing easier on the go.

Microsoft Announces Azure RemoteApp For Windows RT Devices

How To Install

With the Microsoft Azure RemoteApp site, users can than install the app from their Windows RT device, and click the Install Client option. It runs through a series of installation instructions, and then installs on the device. It doesn’t require any specific privileges or anything like that as an administrator if needed.

Once installed, users either running the 32-bit or 64-bit of Windows RT can access the Microsoft Azure RemoteApp service from their Surface RT tablets. Users can input their ID and then enter the application. Once signed in, users will have a connection center where applications will be available to them.

Microsoft Shows Off Azure RemoteApp On Windows RT Windows App List

Why This Matters

This is the latest of additions for the Microsoft Azure service which makes server administrators and IT techs want to use Microsoft Azure. Being able to connect to the cloud service from virtually anywhere, will allow them to run apps in a Remote Desktop Fashion, and all from their Surface RT or other Windows RT tablets.

While this is definitely aimed at more sophisticated users, it makes certain that users who love Azure, will continue to want Azure related services, and possibly now purchase a Surface RT to connect virtually. The app is available starting today, and as Microsoft noted on their MSDN blog, it has been under development for some time within the company, and they are soliciting support from users to make it better. Microsoft Azure continues to make strides for enterprise users, and this latest move makes it even better.

Azure RemoteApp for Windows RT can be downloaded starting today. It will make sure that Microsoft Azure gets in the heads of IT pros for sure.

Published: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 Last Modified: June 25, 2014

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