Azure Remoteapp App Delivery Service Available December 11

One of the biggest features about Azure, beyond its servers and global cloud storage capabilities, is its future. On Thursday, the next part of its future was announced, with the Azure Remoteapp App delivery service becoming a real thing for all to use starting on December 11.

The Azure RemoteApp App Delivery Service is something that enterprise level IT admins and IT professionals have been waiting for, and have been looking forward to. It allows for the deployment of apps in the cloud, and allows for users to access them no matter the device they are on.

Microsoft Announces Availability Of RemoteApp Service

What Is Azure RemoteApp?

If you aren’t an enterprise geek, you might not know about this part of Azure. Microsoft described it in their post, as an effective solution for application delivery. These applications are run in the Azure cloud, and can be accessed via Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol, which can be run on any device nowadays.

With this, Microsoft states that employees will be able to access corporate applications from iOS, Mac OS X, Android, and Windows platforms. The RemoteApp service keeps the application secure in the Azure cloud, and makes sure they stay that way. They can be scaled up as well, and is a simply way to manage apps.

Microsoft's RemoteApp Service Shown Off In Flowchart

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft stated that the Azure RemoteApp service will be available starting on December 11, and available to all users of Azure. The pricing is set on a scaling basis, depending on the needs of the organization and enterprise. It can be done on a per user or per month basis, and pricing details are available via Microsoft.

This is a great service that Microsoft is proud of, and has gotten positive feedback in beta testing from its test pilots. It allows for apps to be hosted in the cloud, not on the corporate network, and users anywhere in the world can get them. This makes it easier to manage app and users, and is a great tool.

RemoteApp is the next wave of Azure. Enterprise users will love it and Microsoft is depending on that for revenue.

Published: Friday, December 5th, 2014 Last Modified: December 5, 2014

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