Azure Price Cuts Announced During Build Conference

The competing cloud platform race between Azure, Amazon, and other competitors is getting fiercer by the moment. On Tuesday during its Build conference in San Francisco, Microsoft announced huge Azure price drops to encourage enterprise and business stakeholders to migrate to Azure.

The massive price cuts are set to undercut Amazon and Google for enterprise cloud hosting, and is sure to cause companies to think twice. The price cuts average anywhere between 35% to 65% on different products, and take effect immediately to get businesses going to Azure.

Microsoft Announces Major Price Cuts On Windows Azure

Azure Virtual Machine Cuts

Microsoft’s first major Azure price cuts dealt with their General Purpose Instances called Basic, and offer companies a basic tier of configurations. Microsoft will now cost upwards of 27% less than other competiting instances, and will allow companies to deploy workloads, test servers, and run batch applications across their network.

Microsoft is making these price cuts to take effect on April 3rd, and will also be cutting memory intensive instances by 35 percent for Linux instances and 27 percent for Windows instances. These will be taking effect May 1, and should get a lot of companies to look at Azure for their memory intensive work.

Microsoft Gives Businesses Cheaper Enterprise Hosting Options With Azure Price Cuts

Storage, Regional Pricing and Virtual Machines

Additionally, Microsoft will be cutting Block Blob storage pricing up to 65% for LRS and 44% for GRS effective Mat 1st. This will allow companies to store 3 copies of their data across multiple facilities as Azure rolls this feature out later this year. Microsoft is also launching region-specific pricing as well, as this will be new for Azure.

Virtual machines that run on Azure will also be getting large price cuts, and those depend on the type of machine, the platform, and its configuration. Azure will be cutting prices on its normal configurations, memory intensive virtual machine configurations, and its higher power configurations. All of these will be available soon, and should make Azure services for businesses cheaper to use. These all come as Google lowered their prices and Amazon lowered their prices for virtual machines in the past few weeks.

Azure is real and it is here. These lower prices should get many more companies to start using Azure real soon.

Published: Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: April 2, 2014

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