Azure Preview Portal Gets February Updates

As enterprise users move their cloud storage solutions to Azure, Microsoft is quick to update the cloud platform with updates for its users. On Tuesday, the updates for the Azure Preview Portal went live, giving users a ton of new features, and give users a ton of new ways to enjoy Azure.

The full list of February Azure Preview Portal updates went live on the Azure blog on Tuesday, by Microsoft’s Leon Welicki, Principal Program Mangager Lead. These new sets of improvements should be pleasurable to Azure users, and will make the Azure experience easier to use for many on a day to day basis.

Microsoft Shows Off New Splash Screen For Microsoft Azure In February Update

Improved Interactions

Perhaps, the biggest set of improvements made to the Azure Preview portal center around the improved portal interactions. Now, with keyboard shortcuts, new and simpler startup experiences, minimize commands added to blades, maximized blade that scroll vertically, and a simpler startboard, users can use it easier.

Other major improvements to the portal interactions include new settings for disabling animations, a show value of chart in X axis on hover, and lastly more resources implementing the Essentials pattern. All of these together are impressive, and equally as impressive looking at them one by one.

Microsoft Azure Now Includes Browse Improvements In Lastest Patches

Other Azure Noted Improvements

Users can now access audit logs easier, can see marketplace improvements, and more. The marketplace improvements include: updated new hubs, social sharing of marketplace items, and lastly improved pricing tier blades. These together will make the Azure marketplace used more often and shared easier.

Lastly, improved browser interactions have been introduced that allow for the browser back button support, and text selection in blade headers. The browser back button support is just in preview mode, and Microsoft is waiting to hear more feedback on this. All these updates are live, and Microsoft wants to hear feedback from users on it.

This was a major update patch to Azure Preview Portal. They are ready to try, and enterprise Azure users should enjoy them all.

Published: Friday, March 6th, 2015 Last Modified: March 6, 2015

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