Azure Marketplace Expands Into More Countries

The Azure Marketplace has been a very successful program from Microsoft, and ever since it was debuted during TechED Europe 2014, enterprise customers have used it to launch applications and use Azure more than ever. On Tuesday, Azure Marketplace expanded and grows into more countries.

Microsoft announced in their blog for Azure, that they expanded the Marketplace to a much larger audience. The new Enterprise Agreement means that the Azure Marketplace is now available to customers in over 86 countries, and gives them over 3,000 different offering from Microsoft and other companies.

Microsoft Expands Azure Marketplace Into MOre Countries

The Azure Marketplace

The Azure Marketplace allows any Azure subscriber to search or browse for applications and services that they can deploy in Azure. Users can search through the Azure Marketplace, read the description for the deployment, and then click ‘create’, where they can launch the application or instance.

Once the application or service is created, the user can then provide the host and password information, select which pricing tier they want, any other configuration data, subscription information, and datacenter information. It will then be launched, and the users can then see it on their Azure Management Portal start board.

Microsoft Allows For Users To See Apps Running In Easy Start Board

Billing and Management Of Subscriptions

With the Azure Marketplace, users whether they be small or large, will find the Azure Marketplace items billed separately than their normal Azure services. Resellers are able to bill separately for their services, and makes it easier to manage what is running. Each agreement is also looked at for enterprise customers as well with purchases.

Users can choose to manage their Azure subscriptions in the manage subscriptions page, and all the information related to the subscription and usage information for their items. Users and administrators can manage apps for their users, download usage data, run reports, and control what is run through their Azure services.

The Azure Marketplace is perfect for enterprises. Now, more businesses throughout the world can enjoy them starting today.

Published: Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 Last Modified: April 8, 2015

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