Azure Machine Learning Launches

Microsoft Azure continues to evolve, and it continues to learn more about data than ever before. With its learning, Azure is constantly taking all new data points and putting them together in readily available data for it to understand. On Monday, Azure ML was announced to showcase that.

With Azure ML launched on Monday, Microsoft is coming up with new ways and analytics to showcase its service. While the initial details were only announced, the full showcase of Azure ML will preview in July, showcasing the power of Azure and cloud computing from Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure ML Gets Described In Blog Post

What Is Machine Learning?

Microsoft in its blog post on Monday, describes machine learning as a way to apply historical data to a problem by creating a model to predict future behavior or trends. GPS traffic, fraud activity, Cortana, and other examples were listed as examples of machine learning that occur today.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning though is a full-managed cloud service that will be previewed in July, that will showcase for companies looking to build predictive analytic solutions. It will have the benefits of the huge cloud, the full infrastructure of Azure, and the power of Microsoft in one product for enterprises.

Microsoft Helps Companies Analyze Data With Azure ML

The Azure ML Product

Microsoft’s Azure ML product is a product that will help companies build algorithms for their use cases, and use the cloud to do it. It will include visual workflows, startup templates, and API’s that allow companies to run through analytics in seconds, and give them what they need. All of this combined with the huge server power of the cloud should give enterprise clients a huge product to use.

Companies have been invited to try out this product in an early beta, and companies are using Azure ML to predict customers purchases, fault detections, and lower energy costs in different usage cases. Microsoft’s data platform is built for this, and predictive analysis is the future of data, and Microsoft is built for this type of data crunching. While its just a start, Azure ML will give customers a great tool to analyze data and more.

Azure ML is a great enterprise product. It could help businesses in all new ways, and give them tools to analyze almost anything.

Published: Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 Last Modified: June 17, 2014

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