Azure Live In Australia Plus Xbox One Price Cuts

Monday was a huge day for Microsoft, as the company had news coming out of almost every part of the Redmond based company. Two of the biggest stories of the day revolved around Azure and Xbox One. Both, giving customers more and giving it to them at a great deal.

Microsoft announced that the Azure service is now generally available throughout the Australia region, meaning local Australian companies can start using it there. Plus, Xbox One users get a $50 price drop, meaning the holiday Xbox One gift is even cheaper.

Microsoft Launches Azure Geographically In Australia

Azure In Australia

Azure is constantly expanding around the planet, and last week in San Francisco, Microsoft announced that Azure would be available in 19 regions around the globe. On Monday, Microsoft opened up its 18th and 19th regions, in New South Wales and Victoria, which it announced at TechEd in Sydney.

Microsoft has tested Azure throughout Australia in a private rollout, and has gotten a lot of success from these companies. This rollout means that companies can host local data in their own country, and don’t have to worry about their data leaving the country. With more security concerns around the globe, local hosted cloud data like this means safer global data.

Microsoft Gives Xbox One A $50 Price Cut To $350

Xbox One Gets $50 Price Cut

The other major news from Microsoft is the price cut of the Xbox One. The price cut goes into effect on November 2nd, and means the Xbox One will only be $350, which will be below the Playstation 4 for the first time. It’s the Kinect free version of the console, but as major games come along, it’s a big season for the Xbox One.

The Xbox One is constantly going against the Playstation 4, and this move could mean that it could take over the sales figures. As the holiday season rolls near, Microsoft needs every advantage to take war against Sony, and this move at the cash register is the biggest one. No news from Sony to match, but it could come soon. Sony generally doesn’t like to lose in these battles, but Microsoft isn’t poised to lose either as it has billions at stake with the holidays and the Xbox One to sell.

Azure in Australia is great for local companies there. Having an Xbox One for $350 though is better for consumers, but that is just my opinion as a Xbox One gamer.

Published: Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 Last Modified: October 28, 2014

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