Azure Launches In Brazil In Public Preview

Windows Azure continues to grow around the globe, and on Friday, Microsoft announced the latest global expansion of the brand. Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Azure Brazil South Region, located in Sao Paulo, is available in public preview, and in a few weeks for all.

This marks a huge expansion for Microsoft in South America, and the Windows Azure brand. Brazil is a very growing tech scene and global business power. Now, local businesses and enterprises in Brazil will be able to host their data locally and utilize Windows Azure more efficiently.

Microsoft Announces Expansion Of Windows Azure To Brazil

Local Redundant Storage

The biggest thing in today’s announcement from Microsoft is the ability to get better performance in Brazil via reduced latency. Businesses will have the ability to host three copies of their data within Brazil via Locally Redundnant Storage. This makes sure that the data stays local.

Businesses within Brazil that are looking for more global storage options, can choose Microsoft’s Geo Redundant Storage or GRS. This allows Azure customers the ability to have their data replicated on the US South Central region to durability of the data is maintained and is still local for those businesses.

Microsoft Grows Windows Azure Globally With Brazil As Latest Expansion

Brazil With A Big Push

Microsoft is making a big push in Brazil with Windows Azure, and discounting services including Compute, Storage, SQL Database, Web Sites, and Data Transfer. No service level agreements though will be maintained during this preview, but when the service launches in a few weeks, this will change for business and enterprise customers.

Windows Azure continues to grow and Brazil is the latest country to get it. Azure launched in Japan in February, and last month in China, and now Brazil is the latest country to get it. Azure is a global brand that Microsoft wants to expand and grow for enterprise and business customers, and expanding in these global countries is the way to do it. Countries like Brazil are huge markets for business customers, and Brazil will be a global powerhouse for Windows Azure as many expect.

Microsoft grows Azure at alarming rates and does it with Windows Azure. This latest expansion to Brazil shows how serious they are to grow it, and are doing it well.

Published: Saturday, April 19th, 2014 Last Modified: April 19, 2014

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