Azure Gets SSD Plus Lync Gets Windows Phone Updates

On Friday, Microsoft decided to release a ton of updates and news for a number of its global products. But, none of them were more important than the Azure updates for enterprise customers. That, plus updates made to the Lync client for Windows Phone means enterprise and business customers get great support.

Azure as it has expanded around the globe, is continuing to get updates, and gaining enterprise clients from around the world. SSD and other updates announced Friday, mean it will gain more users. Lync users as well using Windows Phone get a much needed set of updates, meaning Windows Phone fans get love too.

Microsoft Updates Lync With Phone Settings Options On Windows Phone

Lync Gets Settings For Voice Calls

In its Friday update for Windows Phone fans, Lync users got an update to the Lync client. Microsoft issued updates for users who make phone calls on Lync, and this will please mobile users. They reorganized the settings dedicated to voice calls, and now users will know which network they are using for calls.

The updates to the voice calls settings on Lync are for VoIP always, VoIP over Wi-Fi Only, and Cellular. The first will use a Wi-Fi connection to make calls, and if not available will defer to the cell network. The second one will only use a Wi-Fi connection, and if not available send the call using Call via Work. Lastly, the Cellular option connects via cell networks only.

Microsoft Gives Azure Users SSD Options With Premium Storage Update

Azure Gets Premium Storage Options

Azure has used standard hard drives for its storage of data, but users looking for SSD options haven’t been able to use Azure. On Friday, Sirius Kuttiyan of Azure, noted in a blog post that SSD options are now available for Azure via its new Premium Storage plan. This plan helps businesses looking for high performance and low latency.

The option of Premium Storage is huge for Azure, and means that companies can move these types of high performance apps and data to an SSD on Azure. It allows attaching of several persistent disks to a virtual machine, and delivering to applications up to 32 TB of storage. It can be used with SQL Server, Dynamics, Exchange Server, and other programs.

Lync on Windows Phone got a needed update for those who make calls. But, Azure’s new SSD storage plan is an amazing update for businesses looking for SSD options.

Published: Saturday, December 13th, 2014 Last Modified: December 13, 2014

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