Azure Gets Set Of February Updates

The Azure platform continues to excite consumers and businesses with its continual updates, and Microsoft updates Azure to please its consumers more and more. On Monday, Microsoft updated Azure with a set of February final updates, that show four sets of improved capabilities.

The four new sets of capabilities are great for the overall long-term performance of Microsoft Azure, and means that enterprise consumers can use it for long period of time. This improvement along with offline seeding, DPM workload backups, and SCON reporting all mean enterprises love Azure a little more.

Microsoft Shows Long Term Retention Updates For Azure

Long Term Retention & Offline Seeding

The first thing that was updated with Azure, it the ability for customers to specify daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly retention policies. This data can be retained for up to 99 years in Azure, and means that companies that currently use tape backup should consider Azure. 99 years is a long period of backup time.

Secondly, the Azure backup now lets customers complete the initial backup with the Azure Import/Export service. This is huge, since it means that customers don’t have to backup the initial batch over a congested network, and can ship the initial backup copy directly to the Azure datacenter.

Microsoft Gives DPM Customers New Reporting Framework In Azure Updates

DPM Workloads & SCOM

DPM customers also can now backup with the latest Azure backup agent. DPM customers previously could only backup using hyper-v virtual machines, SQL databases, and file & folders to Azure. This means that customers can backup SharePoint, Exchange, and Windows Client workloads to Azure. This means better support.

Lastly, improved management packs for DPM mean that a more powerful reporting infrastructure are built into Azure. Custom rich reports and dashboards are now built into the Azure datacenters, and won’t have to visit every DPM server to get reports. New reporting means new sets of data for customers.

Azure got a ton of new features in February. Enterprise customers will love it, and that is great for Azure & Microsoft.

Published: Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 Last Modified: February 17, 2015

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