Azure Gets Major Set Of August Updates

As Microsoft Azure is getting to be used by larger corporations and users around the globe, Microsoft is looking for ways to improve on its service. On Friday, Microsoft announced six major sets of update for Microsoft Azure, which should please many Azure developers.

The set of Microsoft Azure updates are in a mixture of live and preview modes, and Scott Gu in his Azure Blog detailed them all in incredible detail. These updates cover a series of products that cover API’s, SQL updates, and a number of other more high-detail Azure services for users.

Microsoft Azure Gets DocumentDB Support In Latest Set Of Updatesm

DocumentDB, Search & Virtual Machines

The first major Azure update is the preview of the new DocumentDB service, which is a NoSQL document database service. It’s meant for high performance modern applications, and is a fully managed service. It’s schema-free, and allows users to store and query any JSON document. Hundreds of terabytes of documents are being hosted now with this service.

Azure Search service also got an update, and it provides developers ways to build real-world search services in their platforms. There are two different pricing tier options, and developers can manage their Azure search services. Developers can also create their own search index as well with Azure.

Microsoft Azure Updates Gives Web Site Developers New Webjobs And Website Tools

Web Sites, Azure Insights & API Management

Web Site Webjobs are also now supported via the Azure Preview portal. This allows users to run any code within their Azure Web Sites. This allows for remote debugging, full VS support, and more. On Demand and Continuous webjobs are available, and Websites Process allow for enumerations of different instances of a site.

Azure also announced a variety of other updates, and allow for API management, a support for a variety of different services via the monitoring SDK and much more. The updates to Microsoft Azure give users a ton of new ways to explore their data, their web sites, and to get metrics on almost anything. Microsoft is still offering a free trial of the features, and posted the updates via the Microsoft Azure Developer Center for the beginner to advanced Azure user.

Azure got a huge set of updates on Friday. If you program for Azure, this is big news from Microsoft.

Published: Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: August 23, 2014

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