Azure Gets Automation Preview And New SDK

Windows build on Friday got even more updates, and it focused mainly on Azure on the last day. Microsoft gave Azure developers a whole new set of tools and a new SDK to build on. Additionally, an Azure Automation tool was shown off and should please hardcore Azure users.

Azure is continually getting updated, and Friday’s updates surely show off Microsoft’s passion with the project. The automation preview is just the start in giving developers ways to automate tasks, and a new SDK gives them new things to look forward to with Windows Azure.

Microsoft Shows Off Azure Automation Tools

Azure Automation Preview

With the announcement of the Azure Automation preview, Microsoft is giving Azure users a brand new way to automate the creation, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of resources. These resources can sit within the Azure services, and helps them execute properly and at the best of abilities.

It will allow users and IT managers to orchestrate time-consuming tasks and integrate Windows PowerShell modules into them. Users can author flexible Windows PowerShell Runbooks, deliver resources more efficiently via automation, and give users the resources faster. This will be a free tool but no date of release was officially noted by Microsoft.

Microsoft Releases Azure SDK 2.3 for .NET On Friday

Azure SDK 2.3 for .NET

Microsoft also announced the release of Azure SDK 2.3 for .NET. It will allow users to remote debug native or managed code along with the ability to create virtual machines from Server Explorer. Websites can have their remote files and logs viewed and edited, plus users can publish Web apps using a improved Public Web experience.

Other items like Emulator Express with Cloud Services, an updated Storage Emulator & Storage Client 3.0, and improvements to PowerShell, X-Plat CLI, and .NET automation are also included in the DSK. The Azure SDK 2.3 can be downloaded today, and will give users a ton of new tools. Users should also download the Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC as well, to give them the full abilities of Azure on their servers and desktops. Either way you look at it, Azure got a lot of new features, and developers for a ton of new features to try.

Azure hit a home run at Build this week. These new automation and SDK updates should encourage many more to use it as well.

Published: Saturday, April 5th, 2014 Last Modified: April 5, 2014

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