Azure Gets A Basic Pricing Tier FinallyAzure Gets A Basic Pricing Tier Finally

The thing about Microsoft Azure is that it is great for large scale companies, but for smaller companies and smaller sites who want to use it for testing, it created a costly venture. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced details of the Azure Basic pricing tier which makes Azure affordable.

The Microsoft Azure Basic Pricing Tier is geared to those with production sites, people supporting smaller sites, along with development and testing scenarios. This is great for smaller companies, and those looking to use Windows Azure on a smaller scale, and now can do it.

Microsoft Makes Azure More Affordable Via Basic Pricing Tiers

What’s Included With This Tier?

The Windows Azure Basic Pricing Tier includes Azure Web Sites abilities, allows for up to three instances of dedicated virtual machines to run web sites, SSL support, scheduled jobs, endpoint monitoring, and a number of other services. The availability of this tier makes it simple for anyone to start using Windows Azure.

The option for Microsoft to build out this Basic Pricing Tier will give enterprise customers the ability to get sites up quickly, do the needed testing on their sites, and use the full abilities of Windows Azure whenever they need it. Microsoft also gave Standard Tier pricing customers more storage, a free SSL connection, and other advanced features as well.

Microsoft Shows Off Windows Azure Pricing Portal In New Screenshots

Types Of Web Sites Available With Azure

With this Basic Pricing Tier within Windows Azure, Microsoft is giving customers a number of different options to host websites. From a free web sites option that looks to experience Azure Web Sites, to a shared web sites that allows with limited features, to basic web sites that have core abilities at a reduced cost, and finally the standard web sites meant for larger scale sites.

Various pricing changes have been made to the Windows Azure tiers, and Microsoft is still giving enterprise customers a lot of machine and cloud abilities for the price. Users are able to scale between the various Azure tiers within the Azure Web Sites hosting plans, and can choose from the most basic to the most advanced. This will certainly get a lot of clients to use Windows Azure in the future, and at a cheaper cost.

Windows Azure grows by the day, and cheaper prices help. They compete with other companies, and making Azure cheaper definitely helps.

Published: Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: April 23, 2014

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