Azure For The Government Announced

Late Monday, Microsoft announced a special tier of its Azure cloud services exclusively for US government usage. The news comes after Microsoft earned its special form of exclusive authorization to sell produce and services to the US government last week.

The Windows Azure US Government Cloud as it will be known, will be a hosted service inside the US, and only managed by US citizens according to late reports. These exclusive hosting and cloud options will save the US government money and allow them security in the cloud from Microsoft.

Microsoft Announces Azure Government Level Of Cloud Services

Certification Received And Services Rolling Out

As Microsoft received its FedRAMP JAB P-ATO certification in the past few weeks, Microsoft announced that they are planning to offer public cloud environments exclusively for the government. The certification was needed to secure data within the US borders, and data centers will need to be setup within the US for this data according to Microosft.

The Azure cloud services for the government will be rolling out quickly as Microsoft is actively seeking to grow its Azure line of products. The ability to roll out private, public, and hybrid cloud environments based on security requirements will be essential to its popularity. The Department of Defense was noted in the report as an agency that is already interested in these services.

Key Elements Of the Windows Azure US Government Cloud

The new Windows Azure US Government Cloud will consist of various key elements which will be important to it. It will include especially made data centers that will be in Boydton Virginia and Des Moines Iowa, and will have physical and logical/network isolation from the Azure Public Cloud. In addition, all data, hardware, and supporting systems for the Windows Azure US Government Cloud will be in the continental United States.

The data enters and data will only rest on servers that contain other US federal, sate, and local government customers. Those looking to use the Windows Azure US Government Cloud will also be screened for PPT moderate clearance to guarantee the security needed to access the data.

Microsoft Gives Details Of Azure Government Services In San Francisco

Only Good News For Azure

The Windows Azure US Government Cloud is only good news for Microsoft and will help it build its government services for Azure. By including the Windows Azure US Government Cloud with Office 365 and other cloud services, Microsoft will be able to harness the large government contracts which traditionally bring large revenues as well.

As well, the Windows Azure US Government Cloud will also allow Microsoft to go to other governmental agencies around the world and sell them on the governmental line of services to those countries. If it works within the US for instance, and proves its security and reliability, it could be done in other countries as well.

This is only great news for Azure and Microsoft, and can only bring more profits and revenues to the company. It gets them in the Washington DC and government contracts, and will help them against Google and other large scale cloud companies battling for government dollars.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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