Azure ExpressRoute Expands To Over 16 Routes

Azure is continually growing around the globe, and Microsoft is expanding its enterprise relationship with Equinix IBX with the announcement of 16 new markets. This partnership with Equinix will allow Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to be launched globally at an alarming rate.

The new markets for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute will cover 16 new markets, and expand across four continents. Additionally, Equinix will be opening a preview site in London, which should allow UK companies to take a look at Azure and decide if its worth it to choose Azure.

Microsoft Expands Equinix ExpressRoute Rollout Globally

Where Is It Going?

The ExpressRoute offered by Equinix is only available in a public preview in Silicon Valley and Washington, DC, but it will be expanded globally later this spring, according to the Microsoft Azure post. It will be rolled out in Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America throughout 2014.

This global expansion will allow enterprise companies from all over the globe to try Azure in their settings. The ExpressRoute allows companies to extend their network beyond their datacenters, and bridge cloud and data center strategies. One of the main features of this relationship is the secure private networking capabilities that Equinix brings.

Microsoft Azure Grows Globally With Expansion Of Alliance With Equinix

Highlights Of Azure Expansion

With this announcement, companies who choose Azure ExpressRoute will get more reliable and lower-latency connections between data centers and Azure. These connections don’t travel across the public Internet, and are of a higher secure connection. This should allow a lot of new enterprise customers to sign up for Windows Azure and choose it for their enterprise needs.

Microsoft is using Equinix data centers to access over 975 networks currently, and a platform of over 450 cloud and 600 IT service providers. Equinix currently has over 4,500 customers around the globe, and this expansion with Microsoft will only allow both companies to benefit from this enterprise expansion. Companies will spend big money to maintain a fast and secure connection for their networks, and the cloud platform of Azure and Equinix will make it a huge revenue maker for all.

This is great news for Azure. It means more global customers and companies get secure and fast connections with Azure and Equinix.

Published: Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: April 23, 2014

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