Azure App Services Announced From Microsoft

Microsoft Azure has been talked about lately, as it goes against the big competitors of Amazon, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, and others. Getting enterprise users and developers on board is important, and giving them services to utilize is important. On Tuesday, the launch of Azure App Service will help that along.

On Tuesday, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of App Platforms for Microsoft Azure, launched the Azure App Service project. This new project is all about Azure apps, and making the app service as a one-of-a-kind cloud platform services. It combines a number of services into one for developers.

Microsoft Launches Azure App Services For Developers

Web Apps and Mobile Apps

The first item being launched are Web Apps, formerly known as Azure Websites. These apps will be able to host web apps that can be programmed in .NET, Java, PHP, Python, and more. It also will integrate with Visual Studio Online, Github, Bitbucket, and other services. It also has enterprise level auditing features as well.

Second up are mobile apps. These mobile apps services will be able to support Windows, iOS, and Android mobile platforms for developers. Included other services include Xmarin and Cordova according to Microsoft. Push notifications and Active Directory notifications are available to use and storing data via offline sync.

Microsoft's Azure App Services Goes Live For Developers Of Apps Launches Azure App Services For Developers

Logic and API Apps

Third, logic apps are being launched for developers to build on Azure. These allow technical users and developers to automate executions for applications, and build on custom APIs. Developers can build apps that tie into BizTalk services, and build enterprise level apps with this type of app service on Azure.

Lastly, API apps are being launched. These let developers discover, host, and manage APIs. Services like SAP, Siebel, and Oracle are being named initially. Other companies like Salesforce, Zendesk, Dynamics CRM Online, and others are named for the future. Microsoft are giving away free trials for developers to try at today.

Azure App Services are big for app developers. From small to large, Azure App Services can grow, and be the next billion dollar division at Azure if they try hard.

Published: Thursday, March 26th, 2015 Last Modified: March 26, 2015

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