Azure Announces General Availability of Azure Premium Storage

Businesses are growing by the day that are using Microsoft Azure, and with that, businesses are needing storage needs at record amounts. Microsoft knows this, and knows that business and enterprise customers need enterprise grade SLA and storage needs. On Friday, this all become available for all.

On Friday, Microsoft announced the general availability of its Azure Premium Storage. These types of premium storage now include Premium storage and standard storage. Premium storage stores it all on SSD drives, whereas the general storage still stores the data on enterprise level hard drives.

Microsoft Announces Premium Storage Availability Worldwide

Who Uses Premium Storage?

Microsoft describes those who use its Azure Premium Storage, as companies who are looking for intensive I/O sensitive workloads, and those that use huge database workloads in the virtual machines. It can support up to 32 TB per virtual machine and more than 64,000 IOPS per VM at less than 1 millisecond latenacy for read operations.

With this premium storage, businesses can run high volume SQL server programs that include: SQL Server, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Exchange Server, MySQL, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, MongoDB, Cassandra, and SAP solutions. This makes it ideal for those businesses with big database loads and want to run it in the cloud.

Microsoft's Scott Gu Talks and Announces Premium Storage Availability Worldwide

Durability and Available Regions

Premium storage with Azure keeps three replicas of the data in the same region, and ensures that a write operation isn’t confirmed back until its been replicated. It also allows for snapshots to be created to a standard GRS storage account, and can be hosted in a region over 400 miles away for disaster recovery needs.

It is available starting Friday in the West US, East US 2, West Europe, East China, Southeast Asia, and West Japan regions. Users can just go to the management portal, select the new premium storage account, and go from there. This will make it much easier to store data and run larger queries in the cloud.

Azure Premium Storage is live today. If you are an IT professional, check it out today.

Published: Saturday, April 18th, 2015 Last Modified: April 18, 2015

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