Azure Active Directory Becomes Generally Available

The Azure service from Microsoft seems to get news on a weekly basis, and that is a very positive thing for enterprise and business customers looking to build on its future growth. Wednesday was no different, as Microsoft announced the the Azure Active Directory service is available in general release.

The Azure Active Directory service is a complex series of services and permissiopns that businesses and enterprise customers need. It allows them to assign roles of enterprise apps, and records won’t have to be kept locally, as now Azure Active Directory will be able to log them and utilize them in the cloud.

Microsoft Details New Levels Of Azure Active Directory Service In General Release

Levels Of Active Directory Services

In its Technet post on Wednesday, Azure’s team went into a number of different ways to explain the levels of services available for volume license customers starting on Wednesday. There will be three levels of service, going from a free service that will satisfy basic users to a premium level that will satisfy the largest of enterprise customers.

With all of these services, Directory as a service comes with varied amounts of objects to be used, comes with user/group management levels, has a SSO to pre-integrate SAAS applications, has user-based access, allows for self-service password changing for users, and a number of security reports for administrators. With more advanced needs, the services adjust to their needs as well.

Microsoft's Alex Simons Details New Azure Active Directory Service For Users

Why Azure Active Directory

With the release of Azure Active Directory to the general release, Microsoft is giving its larger customers, or those with volume licensing ways to manage their users in the Azure cloud. This has been a major concern for larger companies looking to move into the cloud, and now managing users and their SAAS apps and services just became a whole lot easier. Admins and IT professionals can log into the service from anywhere and adjust it as needed.

Giving enterprise and business customers these types of controls is essential to Microsoft Azure surviving over the long run, and this is the latest addition to that level of service. Gaining control for security and internal recod keeping is a high level of importance to any company, and now Azure Active Directory will allow them to utilize it with them.

Azure Active Directory service is big for companies. It shows that Azure is rolling along, and giving businesses more reasons to migrate to the cloud.

Published: Thursday, September 18th, 2014 Last Modified: September 18, 2014

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