Awesome: Android and Ubuntu Windows 7 Themes

Here are 7 very nice Android, Ubuntu and Linux Windows 7 themes that can make Windows 7 look like Ubuntu, Android OS or other Linux distributions.

Android Ubuntu Windows 7 Themes

The following themes can turn your Windows 7 into Ubuntu or Android OS. There’s even a theme for Home Basic users, so check it out!

1. Ubuntu Windows 7 Theme

This is the 5.0 version of the Ubuntu theme that makes Windows 7 look like the latest Ubuntu versions.

Ubuntu ubuntu skin pack 5.0 Theme
Download Ubuntu  | Mirror

Ubuntu 11.04 really looks awesome and has some awesome features. This theme will make it look similar.

Ubuntu Ubuntu Skin Pack 4.0 For Win 7 Theme

Here’s a screenshot of the old 3.0 version. Already looked a lot like Ubuntu. If you prefer the look of Ubuntu 10.10 you can of course download this Windows 7 theme:

Ubuntu ubuntu skin pack 3.0 for seven Theme

Ubuntu ubuntu Skin Pack 2.1 For win 7 Theme

3. Ubuntu Windows 7 ThemePack Complete – ColorScheme Like Ubuntu

HOT: Nice theme for Windows 7 Basic users. If you are from India running Home Basic, you can install this theme.

Ubuntu FreeStyle Se7en ThemePack Complete for Windows 7 (x32bit). Aero and Basic Themes. Adds a nice color scheme to Windows 7 and new Ubuntu wallpapers

Ubuntu Ubuntu7 ThemePack Complete Theme
Download Ubuntu ThemePack Complete | Mirror

4. Windroid 7 -Android Theme for Windows7 V3

This is a really cool Android Windows 7 theme that already looks very nice. If you’re a fan of the Android OS, this can make Windows 7 look like Android.

Android Windroid 7-Android Windows7 V3 Theme
Download Android Windroid V3 | Mirror

5. Honeycomb 7 V4 Android Theme for Windows 7

A blue Honeycomb theme – version 4 – for Windows 7

Android Honeycomb 7 V4 Android Windows Theme
Download Android Honeycomb 7 V4 Windows | Mirror

6. Windows 7 Ubuntu Theme Mod FIXED

A nice Ubuntu theme for Windows 7 with some awesome Ubuntu wallpapers.

Ubuntu Win 7 Ubuntu Theme Mod FIXED Theme
Download Ubuntu Win 7 Ubuntu Theme Mod FIXED | Mirror

7. Android Windows 7 Beta Theme

And another Android theme for Windows 7, but rather simple. Adds a few nice Android walls.

Android Android beta Theme
Download Android beta | Mirror

More OS themes will come soon. If you know of any cool Windows 7 Ubuntu themes, let us know!

Published: Friday, October 21st, 2011 Last Modified: October 21, 2011

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