Automated CAD Drawings Live With AutoCAD 360 Windows 10 App

Autodesk has been around for a number of years, and their AutoCAD software is a standard for creative professionals. Their Windows 10 app has been made into a Universal Windows App, and works with PC’s and mobile devices.

AutoCAD 360 is meant to work on any Windows 10 device, and is an amazing app. It gives users the ability to draw from anywhere, make changes, and gives users AutoCAD anywhere they want it. The Windows 10 app makes it even simpler to use.

Autodesk Releases AutoCAD 360 Windows 10 App

Windows 10 AutoCAD 360 App

The Universal Windows App AutoCAD 360 is a revoluntary product, and is one of a kind. It gives users the ability to draw & edit shapes with accuracy using object snap. It also lets users select, move, rotate and scale objects.

Users can use multi-touch to zoon and navigate large drawings, add text to drawings with annotations, measure distance accurately, keep drawings upto date by saving edits, have the ability to work offline, and much more.

Microsoft's Windows 10 AutoCad 360 Works On Tablets, Notebooks, Desktops, and Mobile Devices

Best Free Drawing App Available

The AutoCAD 360 app is available for FREE from Autodesk, and works with all Windows 10 devices. Users can share designs from mobile devices and send them to Windows 10 desktops. Additionally it works with a number of cloud services.

Users can access drawings saved from Google Drive, OneDrive, Buzzsaw, Dropbox, and other cloud services. Autodesk is also making a free companion web app available so users can access drawings from web browsers.

If you draw or tinker, AutoCAD 360 for Windows 10 is a must download. It might be scary for some, but it’s worth trying out and seeing if you like it.

Published: Monday, March 14th, 2016 Last Modified: March 14, 2016

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