Aurora Screensaver for Windows 7

Windows 7 Aurora Screensaver

Do you miss the Vista Aurora Screensaver in Windows 7? Microsoft removed the screensaver in build 7022, but you can restore the screensaver and apply it again. An advantage of the Aurora Screensaver is that it supports dual-screens!

Download Windows 7 Aurora Screensaver

You can download the screensaver from here.

Copy the Aurora.scr (CTRL+C).
2. Step Paste it into the Windows Scrensaver folder via CTRL+V (C:\Windows\System32)
3. StepYou can now select the Aurora screensaver from the dropdown:

Restore Windows 7 Aurora Screensaver

Download More Windows 7 Screensavers

Matrix and Super Mario Bros Screensaver:

Download Windows 7 Screensaver

Tweak & Customize Screensavers

Did you know that you customize all of the built-in Windows 7 screensavers?

How to customize Screensaver in Windows 7

Popular Screensavers

You can download a lot of popular screensavers from the following page:

Link: Get Popular Screensavers!

Published: Thursday, January 7th, 2010 Last Modified: January 7, 2010

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