August Update For Xbox App On Windows 10 Revealed

The gamers who are trying out and testing Windows 10, love the Xbox One integration with the console and the operating system. On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled the latest updates to the Xbox app on Windows 10, giving gamers and users high-res game streaming to enjoy.

Gamers love the ability to stream their games from the Xbox One, but have been hampered with the resolution quality of the stream. These latest updates, that are being rolled out today, should give gamers reasons to update Windows 10 and grab the Xbox app updates.

Microsoft Gets Windows 10 Xbox App Update

High Quality Streaming

Users when they update the Xbox app on Windows 10, will just need to go into the settings to update the quality. They will need the bandwidth to stream the 1080p/60fps stream, and will need to go into settings > game streaming and then set the level to very high.

This newest level of high-res streaming will take the Xbox One games to Windows 10, at 1080p and 60 frames per second. This type of high-res streaming has never been done before, and has been highly tested to make sure it works. Try it, and be amazed with the quality.

Microsoft Updates Xbox App For Windows 10 With High Res Game Streaming

Other August Updates

In addition to the high-res streaming, other updates are also being included with the August release. Users can now right click and send a message or invite them to party. Notifications can now also be enabled or disabled when being invited to a party.

Users will also be able to see recently played games, be able to compare achievements with friends, see their games via a revamped my games section, and be able to add games via my games > add a game from your pc. It’s available to try now, and is worth the download from the Windows Store.

August brings big updates to Windows 10. Be sure to download this update right away if you love to game.

Published: Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 Last Modified: August 19, 2015

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