Augmented Reality Taking Over?

Augmented Reality has taken some large steps forward in recent times. Just how far away is it from becoming part of everyday technology?

Augmented Reality Becoming More Prevalant

You have of course heard about virtual reality – the computer generated simulative environment used in many video games and movies.

But let us come out of this virtual reality and get closer to the reality with the technology called augmented reality. Its live, it manipulates the real world elements by augmenting them with computer generated sound, videos, graphics or data from a Global positioning system.


The technology is widely used in gaming systems and now we are seeing it being integrated with mobile apps. Guess how can you get the details of all the restaurants, an ATM, Bank or a hospital around your current location when on the move? That’s the augmented reality spreading the magic using GPS data. Augmented Reality is the technology behind Foursquare, google maps, Waze etc.

Apps Making Use Of Augmented Reality

One of the major augmented reality browsers is Wikitude World browser (WWB). It provides location based relevant information regarding landmarks, important places, banks, ATMs etc. when you show the location to the WWB using your mobile camera.

Work Snug is another mobile App that uses AR to find nearest available free of cost WIFI hot spots to navigate. AugMeasure can be used to measure distance between the objects from the phone camera.


Yelp is also using AR with their app Yelp Monocole to provide reviews of the restaurant, bar, pubs etc. around the location of the user.

Augmented Reality Starting To Make A Difference

After changing the gaming world with Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, Augmented reality has promptly moved ahead to make difference in our real life.

We know our surrounding in a new place with AR. We can go to the best restaurant, find a nearest hospital, track our friends, know about traffic and many more using Augmented Reality.


Augmented reality has really changed the way we travel, meet, eat and celebrate – let’s see how it continues to be implemented by companies in the future.Augmented Reality Taking Over?

Published: Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 Last Modified: February 4, 2014

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