Attention Xbox Gamers: Kinect Gets Its First FPS “Blackwater”

The first ever FPS (First Person Shooter) game to be developed for the Kinect 3D motion sensing system for the Xbox 360 is out now and is called Blackwater.

blackwater kinect fps game

Blackwater FPS Game Will Allow Kinect Users To Dive Into Realistic Battle Fields

Developed by Zombie Studios, Blackwater is the first FPS game to be released for Kinect. An FPS (First Person Shooter) game is where the gamer gets to see the gaming world from a first person point of view and it typically involves various different kinds of weapons to engage in combat. Games vary from ancient to modern and futuristic settings although contemporary and realistic battle situations are more popular amongst gamers. Examples of popular FPS games over time would be CounterStrike and the Quake series.

Blackwater breaks no new ground in terms of gameplay except for being gesture driven thanks to its Kinect support. So for the first time ever, gamers will get the feeling of really holding a gun as their hand movements are perfectly replicated inside the game. This takes the attempt at realism one step further and hence should prove to be quite attractive to Kinect Users.

Blackwater: A Closer Look At The Game

As far as storylines go, it is quite average. The game is set in a finctional African country where warlords and opposing militias are at war. The gamer plays the role of a member of a private security force that has been entrusted with protecting a town from all external threats.

The game mechanics are also quite simple and standard for most first person shooters. However, the thing that keeps it interesting for the gamer is that the game makes the players constantly be in motion — dodging enemy fire, moving from point to point and finding cover to take refuge. For a motion-based game that uses Kinect’s motion sensing technology, it would mean a lot of fun for the gamers who actually get to carry out those movements in real life instead of just pressing buttons and joysticks.

Published: Monday, October 31st, 2011 Last Modified: October 31, 2011

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