Asus Windows 8 Transformer Tablet: 3-6 Million Tablet Sales In 2012

Asus expects to sell between 3-6 million tablets in 2012 and the Windows 8 Transformer tablet is one of their predicted top sellers.
ASUS Windows 8 Transformer tablet

Asus’ Windows 8 Transformer Tablet To Drive Tablet Sales For Company

Asus CEO Jonney Shih recently talked about his company’s tablet sales projections for the year 2012. According to his statement, they are expecting to push anywhere between three to six million tablet units durin the next 12 months. Given the way the entire tablet market has been over the past two years, it is quite an optimisitic claim. This is the scenario of the tablet market without the iPad of course, which doesn’t seem like it can ever stop selling.

Asus’ projections are roughly the double (at minimum) of their 2011 prediction of 1.8million tablets and there have been no word on whether they have actually reached that target or not. So the source of Asus’ confidence is elsewhere. Namely, it is the new OS that Microsoft is scheduled to launch mid-year in 2012.

The maker of Windows 8 Transformer models that are essentially tablets with detachable keyboards, seems to be banking on the difference and over all appeal of the new OS to consumers. Windows 8 is clearly a revolutionary new OS that has received a lot of positive feedback. It has been designed from ground up for a primarily touch based interface and hence it is perfect for use on tablets such as the ones made by Asus.

The Taiwanese company is hopeful that offering well-designed yet affordable Windows 8 tablets will propel them to a position where they can get the increased sales that they so badly want (and perhaps need?).

On a side note, the right to the name Transformer is being battled by toy company Hasbro who owns the copyrights to the “Transformer Prime” trademark. Transformer Prime is the name of one of the Transformer models from Asus.

Published: Saturday, December 24th, 2011 Last Modified: December 24, 2011

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