Asus’ Windows 8 Device Pricing Will Be Based Off The New iPad

Windows 8 Asus Tablets And Devices_thumb3We don’t know how Windows 8 devices are going to be priced, with rumors of Microsoft’s Surface tablet being priced in-between $199 and over $1000. Asus said however it will price its devices according to the next iPad’s pricing structure.

It appears you may as well wait for the new new iPad if you’re thinking about buying a Windows 8 tablet, because Asus is going to wait for Apple’s pricing

Windows 8 is just 60 days away, yet we don’t know about many devices releasing this October. We do know Asus is building devices, however, and it says its pricing models will be based off Apple’s.

Asus President Jenny Chan said during the company’s Q2 2012 earnings call that it wouldn’t announcing pricing until Apple unveils the next iPad, probably around October/November this year. That seems a dangerous strategy form Asus, because if the price of a tablet is identical to the new iPad then there is going to be a direct comparison. And, considering the mindshare the iPad currently holds, Apple is always going to come out on top.

Though the Asus president said the pricing would be a reference, so the suggestion seems to be it’s a rough base for upcoming device. Shen comment on Surface, Microsoft’s range of Windows 8 tablets. He said that if Microsoft launches Surface at the rumored $199 price it would make life difficult for Asus’ products. Microsoft would basically price competitors out of the market. The reception to similarly priced devices like the Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire tablets is positive.

Asus builds the Google Nexus 7 tablet. The company said it will provide a boost to shipments.

I’m definitely interested in the Windows 8 tablets. I believe Microsoft can build a successful operating system if it managed to get developer support, and the prospect of Xbox Live games on a tablet is exciting. As proven with Windows Phone, Modern UI works best on touch devices.

Windows 8 releases October 26.

Published: Thursday, August 30th, 2012 Last Modified: August 30, 2012

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