Asus Not Making Windows RT Devices: Signs Of Trouble?

On Friday, Asus CEO Jerry Shen made comments about his companies future when it comes to Windows RT devices. Unfortunately for Windows and Microsoft fans, this doesn’t bode well for the platform of Windows RT.

The comments by ASUS signaled comments that were felt throughout the community when it comes to the Windows RT platform. He commented that they also took a writedown on its RT tablets and this points to possible trouble for the Windows RT system.


Windows RT Not Very Successful

One of the biggest comments in the article had to do with Windows RT not being very successful for the company. As they took losses and writedowns on the Windows RT tablets, they are limiting their losses in the future. Pointing focus to Intel / x86 processing machines, Windows 8 though it still brightly in their future.

Asus No. But Nvidia Yes?

Recent comments in the press by Nvidia related to them producing the next generation Surface RT units. While no specifics were listed, Jen-Sun Huang of Nvida confirmed with CNET that the company is moving ahead with the Windows RT second generation tablets, possibly with Qualcomm chips, a smaller 7-inch screen, and Tegra-4 specific chipsets.

Is Outlook The Killer Surface RT App

With the Surface RT, Microsoft clearly had the right idea behind the platform, but didn’t have the processing power nor the graphics in it to make consumers happy. The inclusion of the Outlook mail app can be seen as the killer app by many, as it will give them the ability to answer their emails from anywhere. The previous mail app on the Surface RT was limited and a partial mail app that unfortunately didn’t please anyone.

It’s pretty clear who the players are in the Surface RT second generation units. NVIDA will be providing the chips, Qualcomm the motherboard chips, and others for a quicker and more responsive Surface RT. While Asus might be backing away from the Surface RT units from Microsoft, they might be pulling away too soon, as the second generation units are aiming to be very powerful RT machines. Whether or not Microsoft can price these units right is another question.

Published: Monday, August 12th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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