Asus Expects To Sell 6 Million Windows 8 Tablets in 2012

Asus expects to ship millions of tablets next year and those tablets are mostly expected to run Windows 8!

Asus Intends to Sell 6 million tablets in 2012

Asus Bullish On Selling Millions Of Tablets In 2012

Asus apparently is expecting to push around six million tablets next year, according to a report published by industry news source Digitimes.

If the company actually does pull it off, that would be quite the rise for them from this year’s 1.8 million units. Since non-iPad tablets sales have been very low till date, these figures seem overtly optimistic coming from the company. However, Asus’ hardware partners have a special advantage over the rest that makes the company expect to sell its tablets in such numbers.

Asus stated that it has the “strongest R&D ability among notebook vendors and is the largest client of Nvidia” — pointing to the fact that they will always be strong when it comes to WOA (Windows on ARM). This was a response to the word that has been going around the industry that Asus was not invited to the WOA project.

ARM support is one of the major selling points of Windows 8 and is crucial for Microsoft’s plans for putting the new OS on tablets. The ARM architecture is now found in a majority of mobile devices right now, including runaway hits such as the iPhone and the iPad series of devices from Apple.

Asus Will Release Multiple Windows 8 Tablets Before End of 2012

Asus is apparently preparing Windows tablets as we speak and plans to start selling them by this time next year. Windows 8 itself is expected to arrive by the middle of next or approximately 6-8 months from now.

A leaked corporate slideshow from Asus reveals that the company intends to make at least 2 main products in 2012 in the tablets category running Windows 8. However, it is still unclear what special advantage Asus expects to have over the other manufacturers like Dell, HP and HTC who are also working fervently on Windows 8 tablets. These too are expected to hit the market before next year is through.

Published: Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 Last Modified: December 7, 2011

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