Asus And Acer: There Will Be Multiple Generations Of Windows 8 Devices

Asus Windows Devices Multiple_thumb4Asus thinks its and other original equipment manufacturer’s devices for Windows 8 will see refinement as the operating system grows older. President Jim Wong referred the hybrid devices we’re seeing a wealth of with Windows 8.


We’re going to see a wealth of devices for Windows 8, and Acer sees the trend continuing as Windows 8 grows older

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Microsoft’s move into targeting tablets means a new category of devices are available for consumers rather than a PC or laptop. Asus President Jim Wong thinks the devices will continue to be refined as Windows 8 grows older.

Wong specifically said the next couple of years will see refinements of Windows 8 devices. He added convertibles, referring the the hybrid devices that can be a tablet or laptop, won’t look similar to devices around the October 26 launch. He expects manufacturers will learn about users behaviour and devices will be midfield to become user friendly. Right now we’re seeing safe bets from companies like Lenovo that are building slate tablets.

The Asus president also thinks the consumer demand is low currently, though hopes the launch of Windows 8 changes feelings. Undoubtedly a lot of users are skeptical over an operating system Microsoft is changing drastically from the Windows most users have used since Windows XP.

Asus: Nervous Times

On Asus, Wong said the company still feels about the operating system’s prospects for the end of 2012 and heading into 2013. Asus will release devices in 2013 running Windows RT, the feature-limited version of Windows 8 designed for mobile devices. Windows RT is only available pre-installed, so upgrading users may use Windows Pro.

Companies like HP have backed out of developing for Windows RT, citing customers needs as the reason. Conversely, partners including Dell have committed to Windows 8.

Wong revealed the launch date for its Windows RT-enabled product, originally scheduled for 2012 though now pushed back to 2013. He also said that the company is working on the x86 version of Windows 8 — Windows Pro for example — to understand customer needs. That’s basically what HP said.

We’ll see Windows RT devices in time. I think most OEMs are playing it safe to see how Windows 8 performs immediately after launch. That will impact whether developers adopt the operating system.

Windows 8 launches October 26.

Published: Saturday, September 8th, 2012 Last Modified: September 8, 2012

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