As Maps Continues To Be Problematic, Apple Hires Software Engineers

Ll_apple Maps 150Px Apple Maps service, new to iOS 6, isn’t providing accurate results and forced Apple to issues public relations statements.

The spokesperson said Maps is a long-term project for Apple. Maps may be, but Apple is aware of issues: it’s looking for Software Engineers.

Apple is hiring quite a few employees, seemingly in response to Maps’ issues

Browse the web and search for Maps and you’ll see the problems with Apple’s service. Replacing Google Maps, key landmarks like the Statue of Liberty are missing or it simply doesn’t work accurately in cities. Considering Apple was always going to invite comparisons to Google Maps, it may be difficult to feel sympathy for Apple.

The Cupertino technology company is hiring, therefore, seemingly a reaction to the early issues. Software Engineers will be responsible for MapKit, the framework used to display maps by Apple’s software and apps in the App Store.

Regarding Flyover, the technology that renders location in three dimensions, it is looking for developers to work on mesh generation of terrain, road rendering, and layouts of road labels, points of interests, and not-specified labels on the map.

Flyover, the technology displaying areas in 3D, will see additional developers; “mesh generation of terrain,” “road rendering,” and “advanced dynamic label layout of road labels, points of interest, and other labels on the map” are also roles for Software Engineers.

Time’s Ticking Away

Apple also referenced performance and performance issues. It said Software Engineers are need to tackle performance bottlenecks. Again comparing to Google Maps, the service works very reliably. That’s partly because Google refined the service over years. Maps hasn’t approached a week of availability.

It’s not clear why Google Maps left iOS. Rumors suggested a deal ended between Apple and Google, while media claimed Apple may have wanted its own service rather than relying on Google. If that’s the justification from Apple, then it won’t wash with consumers. Users don’t need encouragement from Google to switch platforms, even if the company did take a sly dig at Apple.

Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt also said that no Google Maps app for iOS will arrive soon. Google previously said it was developing an app.

Apple said in its statements that Maps is a long-term aim for the company and the service will improve over time.

Published: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 Last Modified: September 26, 2012

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