ArmA 3 Gets Sneak Preview At E3 2012, Cool Military Vehicles, Win7 Themepack!

Arma 3 Themepack ArmA 3 is one of the most anticpated war games. If you want to see more of the gameplay, the military vehicles and download a Windows 7 themepack, check this out

Preview of ArmA 3

The actual presentation of the tanks is a little short, but they will show more of that soon. All in all, the graphics are pretty impressive and the game looks pretty stable already. If you are looking for a realistic military shooter, this is probably one of the best games to get:

We have created various themes for Windows 7 for ArmA 2


LOTS of Windows 7 Themes For Military Geeks

If you’re interested in miltaryin general, you should probably make sure to check out all of our military themes for Windows 7

World of Warplanes Windows 7 Themes and Warplanes

World of Battleships Windows 7 Themes and Warplanes

If you’re looking for a specific military themes that you can’t find on our site (use the search box too!) then post a comment

Published: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Last Modified: June 12, 2012

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