ARM CEO: Windows 8 Tablets Better Choice Than Android Tablets

Samsung Windows 8 Tablet 1_Thumb.jpg 1The chief at chipmaker ARM said earlier this week that Windows 8 will make for better tablets than Google’s Android OS.

ARM Favors Windows 8 Over Google Android

ARM chief Warren East told the press on Tuesday that he thinks the next version of Windows, code named Windows 8, could overshadow Google’s Android operating system and push more tablets than the lovable Green Robot ever did.

It is interesting to hear ARM’s boss making such a comment because Android domination of the smartphone industry means a lot of sales for ARM based processors such as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

His reasons seem to be driven by the average user, who is already familiar with the Windows eco system and not so much with the Android. It is true that Microsoft has a clear advantage when it comes to client base and mindshare. He added an ‘if’ to the statement saying that we are yet to see how Microsoft exploits this advantage although the difference between how the regular user perceives the two is quite obvious.

This comment only adds fuel to the excitement that surrounds everything related to Windows 8 right now. With the Public Beta version coming sometime within this month or the next, consumers simply can’t wait to see a proper, stable and working preview of the next generation of Windows.

The commercial release is slated for this Fall but then there naysayers who are talking about the possibility of the launch being pushed back to early next year. Whenever the OS does launch, it will be come packing a large army of Ultrabooks, tablets, notebooks and convertible devices. The buzz and the product launch plans of every major PC manufacturer in the world together should create enough steam to drive the OS a long way off. Excitement is also building around the ARM version of Windows 8 which promises to bring the OS to low-powered, long running tablets.

Published: Friday, February 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: February 3, 2012

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