ARM Based Windows 8 Tablet From Asus Coming Out In 2012

Asus has officially confirmed that Windows 8 tablet based on ARM architecture will be available by the end of 2012.

Asus has confirmed ARM-based Windows 8 Tablet By End Of 2012

Asus ARM Windows 8 Tablet Confirmed For Release This Year

Asus confirmed the release of a Windows 8 based tablet for release by the end of this year. This announcement happened at a press event that took place in Taipei. The company is expected to use a different design for this than what they have been using throughout 2011.

With this announcement, Asus has most likely become the first to announce their Windows 8 on ARM table but they most certainly won’t be the only ones in the market with such a tablet. We can expect similar products from almost all other large, mainstream computer manufacturers like LG, Acer and Samsung. Samsung is in fact the supplier of the Developer Preview tablet that was distributed at the Microsoft BUILD 2011 conference launch of Windows 8.

Since CES 2012 is going to be the final CES for Microsoft, we might even see some exciting Windows 8 related gadget announcements such as ARM tablets at the upcoming event. There might even be an announcement or segment on Windows 8 for Windows Phone and the fabled ‘Apollo’ version of Windows Phone.

As of now, Windows 8 is not available for any kind of preview or testing on ARM. There not even leaked builds for ARM, the security around that project is so tight. This also means that the ARM build is not even in distribution amongst developers outside of Microsoft’s own department. So it is currently hard to gauge the readiness of ARM. Microsoft has however has promised that ARM support will be available at launch, so we will definitely be seeing a lot of tablet and tablet/notebook hybrids this year based on Windows 8. But with the Beta coming out in February sometime, an August launch seems slightly unlikely. So we might be in for some amount of waiting to see the final commercial-ready version of Windows 8.

Published: Monday, January 9th, 2012 Last Modified: January 9, 2012

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