ArenaNet: Optimizing And Speeding Up Guild Wars 2 Is Easy, Few Recommendations

ArenaNet Talk About Optimizing Guild Wars 2 As Releases Quickly Approaches

Guild Wars 2 launches for those who pre-purchased — called the Headstart period — this Friday. If you’ve been following the Guild Wars 2 development it’ll be pretty clear ArenaNet is working to optimize the game, and that’s the subject of the latest blog post from the developer.

If you’re an unfortunate player and Guild Wars is running poorly (providing you meet the minimum requirements) then ArenaNet says this: be patient

We’re excited about Guild Wars 2. Five years after releasing a teaser trailer, and then going dark for two years, the evolutionary MMORPG is here. Though we’re not here to talk about what Guild Wars 2 is, because ArenaNet published a new blog post on optimizing the game for a wide range of players.

A Quality Assurance tester, Bill Freist, at ArenaNet made a post on optimizing the game. It’s his job to get information from players in-game and send the information programmers. Programmers then replicate the issues and implement fixes quickly.

Freist said the engine programmers have made major client-side and back-end improvements over the past two months, with massive amounts of optimization taking place. I think it would be fair to say the majority of players have seen performance improvements, even players running on high-end hardware like myself.

Constant Optimizations After Launch

A couple of charts were published in the post to demonstrate performance improvements. The first shows how installing drivers can improve performance, drastically so in some cases by increasing the FPS counter from 45 to 75. The second shows graphics card, running on a Core i5 processor, and the FPS counter. Readings were as low as the mid-200s to as high as the mid-70s. If you’re having difficulties in-game, start by reducing the shader quality.

Friest added that users suffering from poor performance should begin by checking the Guild Wars 2 Knowledge Base, which is basically a frequently asked questions guide ArenaNet compiled. If that fails to resolve an issue, then open a support ticket with the developers. Be specific when stating the issue.

Guild Wars 2 officially launches Monday, August 28, 2012, though if you’ve pre-purchased the game you’ll be playing from Friday. Unless you’re in the UK, then you’ll be playing from Saturday. This is the 3-day Headstart period prospective players will undoubtedly want to know about.

Published: Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: August 23, 2012

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