Are Windows Users Ready For Threshold?

The Windows world and Microsoft world have been lighting up with delight as word was released over the weekend that the next version of Windows appears to be shipping soon. Codenamed “Threshold”, the Windows 9 release is set to ship in April 2015, and is different for sure.

The next Windows version or Windows 9.0, is scheduled to be discussed at the Build Conference in April, and will a very hot topic among developers there. It is set to be radically different than Windows 8.1, and points to Windows yet again going a different direction.

Details Surrounding Windows 9 Aka Threshold Emerge

What We Know About Windows 9 Aka Threshold

Most of the news surrounding Windows 9.0 is third party, but enough is leaking out. The name will be Windows 9, and it is scheduled to be discussed in April 2014 for the very first time. It will be more of an overall presentation, and Microsoft isn’t planning to distribute any betas or alphas to developers.

I think that Microsoft quickly realized that much like Vista, Windows 8.1 was too much of a radical difference than users expected. Low adoption rates, user complaints, and hardware makers making slower adoption curves towards it caused issues. I believe a one-year cycle till release will give Microsoft enough room to run.

Metro 2.0 Might Be Coming With Windows 9 Next April

Major Metro With Three Milestones Until April 2015

Microsoft is in talks of redoing the Metro interface that it developed in the first iteration of the Metro interface in Windows 8.1. Three different releases will be done prior to the final release, which is scheduled in April 2015. This gives beta testers and developers enough time to kick the tires so to speak on it.

I think that the metro interface killed Windows 8.1, and Windows 9 needs a desktop or tiled look, but not both. Users like a desktop, and particularly the enterprise. I don’t touch the screen much, and was never a huge fan of it. But, give Microsoft 15 more months, and they have enough engineers and software developers in Redmond to figure it out. Build will be a fun conference for sure, and will usher in Windows 9.

This was a smart move by Microsoft, and Windows 9 appears forthcoming. Windows 8 might have been Vista 2.0, but Windows 9 could be a hit like Windows 7 was.

Published: Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 Last Modified: January 14, 2014

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