Arching For Non-Microsoft Data Available In Office 365

Users in big companies know how important compliance and archiving data has become, and as the cloud and storage needs grow, all types of data needs to be archived. Office 365 is helping companies archive non-Microsoft data, and doing it with partnerships with two large companies.

Office 365 currently helps companies stay compliant by arching email, documents, and Skype meetings via the cloud. But, other Microsoft data sources like social and messaging data aren’t backed up this way. Now with the new partnerships announced, they can be archived properly.

Microsoft Partners With Actiance With Office 365 Archiving Solutions

Actiance Partnership

The partnership with Actiance, will allow real-time policy enforcement, content monitoring, and capture of over 70+ social media and IM channels. They work with large size businesses around the globe, and work with top 10, top 5, and top 8 banks in the world. This will help businesses stay safe.

With this, companies can back up social accounts, instant messaging accounts, document collaboration, verticals, and SMS/Text Messaging. All of these include sources like Twitter, Facebook, Box, SalesForce, and other enterprise level sources, and can have data backed up with total ease.

Microsoft Partners With Actiance With Office 365 Archiving Solutions


With Globanet, companies can use Globanet Merge1, and help companies extend archiving, eDiscovery, and compliance to all types of email, IM< social media, financial, and mobile-text communications. They use their tools to merge company data streams into a single database that is backed up safely. With Globanet and Office 365, the same social media, instant messaging, and verticals are covered as well. Additionally, the entire compliance stack in Office 365 with eDiscovery, Retention, and Hold and Auditing will be available to be archived. This will help companies in a great way. Compliance and archiving are never fun topics. But now with Office 365, companies can use Office 365 and non-Microsoft data safely and archive it as well.

Published: Saturday, July 4th, 2015 Last Modified: July 4, 2015

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