AppZone Player: BlueStacks and AMD Make Android Apps Work With Windows 8

Ll_android Apps Working On Windows 8 150Pxp AMD and Bluetacks are teaming up to bring your favorite Android apps to Windows 8 via a tool called AppZone

AMD and Bluestacks up initial app offering dramatically

Windows 8’s initial app count may not be closing in on the 5,000 recommended by analyst speaking to ComputerWorld, though AMD may provide a solution. The company is working with Bluestacks to build an app that runs Android apps.

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The app is AppZone players, effectively emulating Android programs. All Windows 8 devices will be supported. It remains to be seen how the apps scale to desktop, laptop, and tablet screen sizes. Android apps still seem to be optimized for smartphones despite the released tablets including Google’s and Amazon’s Nexus 6 and Kindle Fire respectively. AMD says it made change to the core to ensure the problem is avoided.

DM technology will ship with AppZone players, allowing apps to synchronise across PCs and Android phones or tablets. The app isn’t available yet, though, so it remains to be seen how it actually works in practice. The experience will seemingly be completely different to that of Windows 8; will the apps emulate the operating system the apps are developed for? How will Android user interface elements transfer over?

Will Microsoft approve?

Whether Microsoft will approve the app is a different issue. It would seem to effectively be admitting that the Windows Store isn’t providing the range of applications user expect from a modern operating system. Considering platforms like iOS are seeing around 7,000 apps, with over 700 submitted per day, Windows 8 needs to catch up quickly. Courting developers is obviously the key to that success.

If Microsoft is betting on a long-term strategy with apps, then consumers ned to be impressed from dayne. Bringing consumers back to operating systems not liked is a notoriously difficult issue.

No release date is announced for Bluestacks or price. Windows 8 launches October 26.

Head over to AMD’s Blog post for the full scoop

Published: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: October 3, 2012

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