Apps For Travelers And Business Professionals Highlighted

As Microsoft gears up for the end of 2013, the new FAA flight easing on electronics for business travellers will be a great thing for Microsoft and its users. On its partner blog on Thursday, Microsoft highlighted a number of its technologies for travel professionals to utilize on the go.

In its post, Microsoft Vice President of its US Partner Group, Jenni Flinders, went into tons of details for business professionals. The post highlights business focused apps that can be used at the gate, on the plane, and in the air while in flight from Microsoft.

Microsoft's Jenni Flinders Highlights Microsoft's Enterprise Tools For Business Travelers

Managing Trips and CRM Management

The first app highlighted was the Avis app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The Avis Budget Group and Microsoft’s partner Infusion built this app to help business professionals manage their trips, reservations, and gate reservations. Those who travel a lot will recognize this app, and appreciate the Windows Embedded 8 Industry and Windows Phone 8 tools within.

The second app is the ability to access CRM management tools on board. A couple of the apps highlighted were Timeline and Pipeline along with CWR Mobile CRM. Both apps utilize Microsoft’s Dynamics programs and allow professionals to access their customer data from anywhere, and highlights Microsoft’s commitment to big data and the enterprise.

Microsoft Powers Tons Of Enterprise Tools Highlighted In Post By Jenni Flinders

Investments, Business and Downtime

A few of the other Microsoft focused apps include the ability to manage investments on the go. An program called clearTREND has teamed up with the technologies and enterprise products of Microsoft to give people on the go amazing ways to manage their investments, see real time market data, and never lose touch of their investments.

Two other tools noted included programs that allow professionals to check on contractor and plants, in addition to Kentico Windows 8 Manager which allows for website management on the go. Both of these tools are clearly aimed at the enterprise professional, and show the power of Microsoft’s partner network along with its committment for business travelers. Keeping these professionals connected to their offices, data, and web sites is crucial, and all of the enterprise tools that Microsoft has internally powering them are much needed.

I travel some, and manage various tools and sites. Microsoft has a ton of tools for business travellers and professionals, and I’m glad they show them here.

Published: Friday, December 27th, 2013 Last Modified: December 27, 2013

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