Apple’s Announcing The Next iPhone Today: Here’s What It Should Reveal

Iphone 5 Screenshot_thumb4 The technology industry is buzzing today because of Apple’s expected iPhone 5 event in under five hours.

What’s Apple going to unveil? A bigger iPhone probably

If you’ve been on the internet at all today you’ve probably heard about Apple unveiling its next iPhone. We don’t know for certain it’s going to happen but, with the “5” on the invite and the tradition of introducing annual iPhone updates, it’s happening. Here’s what we’re expecting.

A 4-inch screen

We’re getting a bigger iPhone. If you’re unconvinced you can Google the words four-inch and iPhone and you’ll see parts, mockups, and even reported models. Apple has steadfastly remained with the 3.5-inch form factor but the rise of plus-4-inch Android devices, and Windows Phone supporting the resolution, means Apple is effectively giving in to demand. The bets are on the iPhone 5/the new iPhone increasing in length, at least adding an additional row of apps. Though that would be underwhelming.

An iOS refresh

I’m expecting a refresh to the iOS user interface. I believe it’s been too long for Apple to remain with fundamentally the same grid-based UI it introducing in 2007 alongside the first-generation iPhone. Android is open source and allows complete user customization while Windows Phone uses the unique Modern UI. Apple has fallen behind the operating system it influenced, and I think it’s time the company introducing a new design that represents Apple’s flagship devices. Consumers are becoming weary of the way iOS looks. Apple must be aware of the rising competition.

Giving Control To The User

Greater user choice

This is a big of a wildcard. Apple introduced widgets last year in iOS 5 and was the first sign of users being able to customize the experience. Small changes like having the option to change the default app for services like e-mail or a web browser would greatly alleviate frustration. If I’m regularly using Google Chrome for iOS then I should be able to open web pages in that browser. Microsoft recognized that problem in Windows 8: browsers have to be set as the default to be used. That, or Apple should improve applications.

Apple’s event begins at 10AM pacific time in Cupertino.

Published: Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 Last Modified: September 12, 2012

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