Apple TV Keeps Blinking: Using Apple TV Recovery Mode To Reset It

In this guide, I will take a quick look at fixing your Apple TV using the iTunes Apple TV Recovery Mode to restore its software.

Apple TV Does Not Stop Blinking – Why?

Your Apple TV tried to silently upgrade itself but the last update has been botched and caused a malfunction. You now need to connect your Apple TV via your PC to iTunes and download a new software update to restore it.

How Would I Do That?

1. Step Find a Mini-USB cable. If you own by any chance an Android or Windows Phone, both come with a Mini-USB cable to load and connect your devices to your PC. Find it!

Miniusb Cable.png

2. Step Turn off your TV and your Apple TV. Unplug your Apple TV and your HDMI cable. Plug it in close to your PC without HDMI cables

3. Step On the backside use the small mini-USB slot to connect the TV with your PC

4. Step Open iTunes

5. Step Don’t see anything? Hold the menu key and the play key for 10 seconds (menu key is the grey circle at the top, play button is the black circle on the bottom right) until your Apple TV starts flashing even more rapidly than before

6. Step iTunes should now show you the Apple TV Recovery Mode (if it doesn’t, restart iTunes). Confirm that you want to proceed after clicking the restore button and agree to the TOS

Apple Recovery Mode.png

7. Step iTunes will download a new software update which may take up to 50 minutes or more depending on your connection

Download Apple Software Update.png

8. Step iTunes will do the rest.

9. Step Plug your Apple TV back in close to your TV and connect the HDMI cable (IMPORTANT: Make sure that your TV and your Apple TV are both turned off while you connect the HDMI cables. You can easily break a TV if its turned on: There is a very low output voltage on all HDMI connectors similar to USB ports. Simply plugging it in while the TV is turned on can break your electronics, smart TV motherboards are very sensitive to this kind of stuff.)

Published: Saturday, February 7th, 2015 Last Modified: February 8, 2015

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