Apple Jack 2: The Platformer of Year, For 80 Microsoft Points, For The Core Gamer

Apple Jack 2 For 80 Ms Points

Think indie games are cheap Flash rip-offs? Well, you’re wrong. Apple Jack 2 is incredibly fun.

Apple Jack 2, an unassuming game which sounds terrible. The surprises comes when you find out it’s incredible

If you haven’t heard of Apple Jack 2 then, well, you’re hardly at fault. It’s prequel (yes, there’s an Apple Jack timeline) was barely heard of yet incredibly fun, and the follow-up is no different.

Apple Jack 2 was available as of yesterday, so go buy it! The game is available on Xbox 360, and potentially Steam in the future. It costs just 80 Microsoft Points, which is the high price of a dollar. Yes, a dollar. Beat that Steam Summer Sale.

Apple Jack is barebones, but that’s why it’s great. It’s just about running and jumping and dying all the time. It’s Super Meat Boy, without the meat. It’s Limbo, without the weird scary stuff. And spiders. And suicidal kids.

It’s $1!

Xbox Live Indie Games is also equally awesome, because every country that has Xbox Live has indie games. There are also no IP locks, so get downloading. The service doesn’t get enough support anyway, no thanks to Microsoft’s disgusting lack of regard for the service, so it’s time games from the platform got some worthwhile exposure.

And best of all, Apple Jack has a story. Apple Jack, the protagonist, hasn’t been up to much since his first Xbox 360 platforming adventure and has been working a 9-to-5 job in a plastics company. Apple Jack realised Apple-headed men weren’t meant to be in an office job, so Apple Jacks is ditching his job and clothes and heading to the beach. Pretty compelling, right?

You’ll play across three worlds and 61 levels; you’ll take on pandas – giant pandas, actually – washing machines, floating eyeballs, and other normal enemies; you can rewind time when mistakes are made and cause explosions and lots of other crazy stuff. In Apple Jack 2 there are also score multipliers by exploding fruit, which is created by throwing two enemies together. Keeping doing that quickly and you get twice as much fruit until the screen fills with fruit. Try it; feels good, man. Oh and there’s no high-score stuff: you collect coins for the fun of it. Apple Jack is out now.

Published: Friday, June 15th, 2012 Last Modified: June 15, 2012

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