Apple iPad – A Gaming Device?

Ok, so the iPad is something between smartphone and laptop, but is it good enough to play a session of your favorite game?
Are there actually any decent games for the iPad and is the resolution and screen size good enough? What about the batteries? Is it handy? Questions over questions. Here are some answers.

Free iPad Games

Apple iPad = iPhone x2 .. at least when it comes to the dimensions. So, it’s not that kind of device that you can take with you in your pocket. So, is it really a good idea to buy an iPad if you want something handy? It’s also way too large to be a good replacement for a gaming-notebook. Why offer games for the iPad then?

iPad Large Display: Almost 10inch!

The Apple iPad has a significant larger display than a iPhone and is still very handy, so that’s definitely a big plus for gaming.

Apple iPad display dimensions: 9.7-inch [Multi-Touch display @ pixels]
Apple iPod display dimensions: 3.5-inch [Multi-Touch display @ pixels (163 ppi)]

Steve Jobs holding the iPad:
Steve Jobs Apple iPad Display Dimensions

iPad Screen Resolution = Double for Enhanced Gaming

The resolution can be doubled, making it a great gaming device.
iPhone games can be played at the normal resolution 480 x 320 resolution or can be maximized to fit the entire display of the iPad.
The maximum screen resolution is astonishing 1024 x 768

iPhone max screen resolution: 480 x 320 pixel
iPad max screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixel

iPad Gaming Demo: Gameloft Nova FPS

A pretty impressive gaming demo of a FPS on the Apple iPad.

Battery Type

The iPad comes with a battery that will last for 10 hours. That is way longer than the battery life of the PSP Slim for example (approx. 4-8 hours), so it will be a pretty good device for longer gaming sessions.

Disadvantages: Only on-screen keyboard

So, what did they think. They make a device that is something between an iPhone and a laptop and they only add an on-screen keyboard? Other devices like the Archos 9 are clearly as large as the iPad and support external keyboards:

Archos 9 Keyboard

Other iPad uses

On a sidenote, the iPad can be used a small computer, a phone or as an eReader.


It is capable of many things and can be used as a gaming device, a small computer, a phone or as an eReader. The power of the 1 GHz Apple A4 chip is good enough to play some decent FPS games. The price is ok, but still so high that you could also get a notebook that is more powerful for the same price and can also be used as an eReader thanks to the Kindle Software for PC’s.

If you are looking for a way to enjoy your iPhone games on a large screen and a 1024 x 768 resolution, then you won’t find any better device. But is that really good enough if you’re not an Apple fanboy?

Published: Thursday, January 28th, 2010 Last Modified: January 28, 2010

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