Apple iPad 2 Sales Forecast Revised: 3x Higher Now

Even though more than two weeks have passed since the new iPad 2 units from Apple went on sale in the US, the demand for them is yet to die out. There have been lines in front of the stores everywhere, as new shipments continue arrive and evaporate.
Apple iPad 2

Forecasted Sales Revision

In the light of the continuing demand, Wall Street analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company has published a report saying that he has updated his predictions for the sale figures of the iPad from 10 million units to 30 million units. He has also updated his figures for the next year by 10 million, making it 40 million in 2012. This translates to an increase of $1 approx. in the earnings per share in 2011 to $23.25 and Wolf also predicts Apple earning $27.35 EPS next year.

In his report, he said that it was difficult if not “perilous” to try and predict the growth of a new category of computers. He acknowledged the fact that they had severely underestimated the iPad 2 and hence it called for a dramatic revision in their forecasted numbers.

Reiterating what a lot of experts were quoted on last year when the iPad was first launched, he said that competitors were missing the point on the iPad. Its success is tied to the software and not necessarily the hardware.

Apple iOS vs. Chrome OS vs. Windows 8 on ARM

Apple could’ve easily slap-dashed some version of OS X on the iPad or up-scaled the original iPhone OS to the iPad, which they didn’t. There’s a reason why there’s a separate iOS version for the iPad. Google and Microsoft realized that and are catching up. Android is the closest so far and after Honey Comb they will be that much closer. However, there’s already word on the streets that they are planning to make a mobile Chrome OS and Android for tablets — a logical step for Google really. This slipped out when an onscreen keyboard was found in Chrome, which is meant for specialized netbooks only. Microsoft on the other hand is developing a Windows 8 that runs on ARM processors to make it the perfect OS for mobile devices and Windows tablets.

Returning to the iPad 2 madness, AT&T versions are quickest to go as per the street reports, followed by WiFi. Verizon versions seem the lowest on demand right now, even with the serpentine queues reported in several places across the US.

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Published: Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 Last Modified: March 30, 2011

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