App Of The Week: Marvel Avengers Alliance

It’s the Christmas holiday in the states, and Microsoft news is a little light due to the holiday, but lots of people woke up this morning to brand new Windows Phones, Windows 8 computers, and Windows tablets. With that, Microsoft released their app of the week for some fun.

In it’s app of the week, Microsoft announced that Marvel’s Avenger is named its app of the week. While it’s a game, Microsoft is premiering it in its Windows Store, and is a free game that allows for superheroes to exist at the holiday time, especially on Windows.

Microsoft Names Avengers Alliance As App Of The Week

Game Details

In its description of Marvel’s Avengers Alliance, the game features some of the biggest Marvel characters that all age groups with enjoy. It has all the Avengers in its cast, including Spider-Man, the X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and our course the Hulk. With over 450 battles and 60 missions, hundreds of quests await users.

The game is completely free and does have in-app purchases should users want to pursue those for further game enjoyment. The game is constantly rated high amongst Windows Store users, and offers a huge range of enjoyment for all kinds of gamers, from kids to adults.

Avengers Alliance Highlights Focus For Microsoft And Gaming

Why Is Microsoft Highlighting Gaming?

Why is Microsoft highlighting a game as its app of the week, many ask? Microsoft clearly needs to get gamers on board with its Windows Phone, and Windows ecosystem. While most gamers traditionally exist on the console units like the Xbox and Playstation, the mobile gaming market is huge and Microsoft wants to promote that.

Microsoft needs gamers to get onboard with Windows Phone 8 and the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 systems, and will with these hits. This game was a hit on iOS and Android, and made the crossover to Windows. This among other gamers are huge hits for gamers, and will make people interested in buying Windows Phones and tablets, and continue buying Microsoft products, which will increase profits for the company. While its a fun game, it shows how much games mean to Microsoft, and how Microsoft wants gamers to be happy on Windows.

I’ve played this and it very fun. It’s free, full of good times, and highlights the powers and Windows playability.

Published: Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 Last Modified: March 11, 2014

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