App Designs For Windows 8 Tablets Unveiled

First app designs for Windows 8 tablets are being unveiled, giving us a glimpse of what to expect in the furue.

Windows 8 app designs

Windows 8 App Design With Design Elements Of Metro UI

ZDNet’s Stephen Chapman discovered the designs for an app being developed for USA Today for the Windows 8 platform. Designed by Robbie Dillon and found on his website, it is now one of the multiple designs doing the rounds of the blogosphere.

Windows 8 App USA Today
Windows 8 Tablet Design

As the image went viral, Dillon clarified that it was just an “early exploration” and is not necessarily a reflection what it might look like in its final form.

Puzzling App Design Uncovered, Designed By JetSoft

JetSoft is a company that is known for helping multiple app developers with UI designs for their products. Chapman has uncovered multiple screenshots of an app that shows elements of Media, News and Travel. A strange combination but it is yet another app being designed for Windows 8. The UI design shows off the touch-first policy of a Windows 8 app and it has elements of the metro UI as well.

However, this design again is likely to be the first concept stage of yet another app being developed for Windows 8 and hence might not make it to the final stage. So even though we get to have a glimpse in the future, it is more like a glimpse in how it could be instead what it is going to be.

We would not have to wait too long to get an ‘official’ look at Windows 8 apps though. BUILD is sure to have some Windows 8 apps during the presentation.

Published: Monday, August 29th, 2011 Last Modified: August 29, 2011

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